UV Layout!!!!

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UV Layout!!!!

Post by whidzee » 21 Jan 2007 11:21

hey guys, checkout what i just got my hands on. this should make painting your own textures for the trackmania nations car a HEAP easier. there are tutorails showing you what areas are what, but you dont really have decent guidelines to work off, will this should help you all out

http://www.3dshowreel.com/photo/view.ph ... ddbe7443b7


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Post by Retodon8 » 17 Mar 2007 03:49

Exactly what I was searching for; thanks a bunch! :D
I say this should be added to relevant stickies, FAQs, TM wikis, etc..
Also helpful, a pre-lighted texture.

Do you have, or could you make wireframe textures for the TMO and TMS cars as well?
I'm planning on trying my hand on custom skins for TMU when it's in stores over here, and wireframes would be a big help.
(I don't think the TMU models and UV maps changed from TMO/TMS's versions.)
Thanks again!

I did find this template for the Island car on Speeed Addicts.

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