2d and Gimp....

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2d and Gimp....

Post by Mitsurugi » 21 Mar 2009 21:10

Does anybody know how to edit a 2d skin with gimp? I saw one way here on the forum, but It was a little confusing. Does anybody have a really simple way? I tried a lot, but my attempts when in the game, the 2d's come up looking white, like a blank staduim vehicle.
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Re: 2d and Gimp....

Post by da-HoFFi » 21 Apr 2009 05:44

Just visit google and download the DDS-Plugin for GIMP.
Then unzip your cars zip-file and edit the files.

Projshad.dds (Shadow)
Diffuse.dds (Skin)
DiffuseDirty.dds (Skin while driving on dirt)
Details.dds (Rims, interior,...)
DetailsDirty.dds (...)
Illum.dds (objects of Details.dds which shall be illuminated)

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