how to create ghost car?

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how to create ghost car?

Post by rocky98_ » 06 Sep 2010 13:29

how to create ghost car?
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Re: how to create ghost car?

Post by Gording » 08 Sep 2010 16:53

rocky98_ wrote:how to create ghost car?
It's a bit of a trick question. No one can actually create a ghost car, because the ghost car you see in replays etc. has some very special features no one can implement in 3D models.

For example. If you follow a ghost car, as you get very close, the model actually fades from view and becomes more ghost-like as the distance closes, until it almost completely disappears if you're right on top of it. If the distance to the ghost opens up, it becomes more solid.

In 3D modeling you could create any car made entirely out of glass (this only takes seconds, and is not difficult) but the glass is always solid glass, it doesn't fade in and out with distance like a ghost car does.

It could be argued that implementing a multiple colour, to make the glass change colour/opacity might accomplish a similar effect with the glass getting darker and lighter colour as you change distance...but again if you get up close and personal to a 100% glass car, it's clearly *ahem*....solid glass. Glass cars do not fade in and out like ghost cars do. Which is why no one can create ghost car models. Of course "glass cars" are often called "ghost cars", but this is just a simplistic error. In the same way as many people call tracks : maps. TRACKmania...not MapMania is the clue

So to make a glass car? create a 3D model, and prefix all the TM parts that make up the 3D mesh with the prefix "g". This makes the game treat them as though they were (g)lass.

The four "d xxWheels" (the "d" prefix means they are usually (d)etails), would become "g xxWheels" (now they are (g)lass). Notice the "xx" are the four FL, FR, RL, and RR wheels.
The sBody (the outer (s)kin) would become gBody.
The dBody (the vehicle's (d)etails) would become gDetails.

Simple, and very quick to do, as it only entails changing the 3D mesh prefixes with "d" and "s" to "g" instead. Any 3D modeler can do it, but it's a trick only a 3D modeler can do to the original mesh of the vehicle.

This isn't all, and there is a very obvious problem with all glass cars. Glass only becomes fully transparent if you use PC3 shader options. Eventually you create glass car, and people say they're solid black like car windows. Of course the glass in Trackmania car windows isn't black either, it's transparent, but they are using graphics cards, or chips that can't display PC3 shader options, and transparent features.

All *cough* clear? :roflol:

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