I'm new to Skinning? (a few questions)

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I'm new to Skinning? (a few questions)

Post by SaitanMar » 09 Jul 2007 22:31

Hello There,

I want to try out some skinning (as I believe it's called), I messed a tiny bit with it when I played Grand Prix 4 and wanted to do a little for Trackmania. I have read one tutorial on these forums which was useful but I'm looking for a bit more in depth tutorial. I'll admit I'm somewhat rusty :wink: after sometime not doing any sort of skinning. I was amazed when I saw these competition skins (http://www.trackmania-carpark.com/skinm ... llery2.php) from Skinmania, they are brilliant and must have taken ages to do. When I did some GP4 skin work I struggling to even tell which part of the car was which :lol: and my stuff was total rubbish, although I did enjoy doing it.

I did have a go at doing a bit of skinning an hour ago but for some reason photoshop isn't allowing me to work properly, when I tried to save my DDS file work it said something about there being to many ports?? and wouldn't save. I do have a few questions though if you would be kind enough to help me out a tad, first off is back when I used GP4 I used a program that allowed me to view the textures on the actual car (ZModdler) and was wondering if a proghram exsisted that would allow me to do that with Trackmania's files so I could view them rather then keep having to load them into the game just to view them. Second of all, I've been looking for a good 'english' skinning mod site with helpful info, to be honest I've actually been looking for some of the sites I use to use but can't remember the names :lol: to see if they might have something. A lot of the sites are French (As you will already know) and although they do support English, I've noticed that certain pages are totally French even if you have pressed the English flag. Sadly I was never any good at French at school.

I'll admit that my experience with Trackmania United as been pretty rubbish so far, I'm having problems with my CD-Key in Steam and it won't allow me to create an online account to use so I'm learning about skinning again.

If anyone would be kind enough to give a few pieces of advice on skinning or a great website I would dearly welcome it.

Thanks for reading and have fun! :lol:

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Re: I'm new to Skinning? (a few questions)

Post by Bin » 10 Jul 2007 01:06

SaitanMar wrote:... and was wondering if a proghram exsisted that would allow me to do that with Trackmania's files...
DDS Viewer ti view your dds files, and DXTBmp to save your bitmaps files in DDS format.
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Re: I'm new to Skinning? (a few questions)

Post by Herrick » 10 Jul 2007 09:47

Bin wrote:
DDS Viewer ti view your ddx files.
Wow nice.
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