Tips on finding your TMS / Sunrise login credentials

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Tips on finding your TMS / Sunrise login credentials

Post by askuri » 19 Apr 2020 16:37

I had lost my TMS online login and password many years ago. Unfortunately, the sign up / sign in mechanism in the game does not seem very helpful for trial and error of credentials. Always the same message, that the credentials are wrong but you don't know, whether the username even exists.

While trying to find out username and password, it can be very helpful to at least know, whether the username you're trying even exists. Or better, knowing whether that username does not only exists, but also belongs to you.

Method 1:
Open a new browser tab and enter this URL:

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And change the URL accordingly. That can tell you, whether the username exists or not.

Method 2:
Open a new browser tab and enter the following URL:

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Change the URL accordingly. If you see some notice and "Aborting ..." that means, the username does not exist. Otherwise, you get to see some details of your account, like this:

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0;Your login;Your Country;Your City;0;0;
Advantage: seeing your suspected username, country and city can be sufficient to be pretty sure that is the account you used back in the day. Now you only have to see how to get the password.

Once you got the first step of knowing your username, it will be a lot less work to trial and error for the password in game. Good luck!

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