One question before I purchase TrackMania Sunrise eXtreme...

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One question before I purchase TrackMania Sunrise eXtreme...

Post by ShadowXOR » 09 Mar 2006 09:45

I love Nations and I'm considering buying Sunrise eXtreme. I love the gameplay and I downloaded SE because the thought of racing in urban environments was much more appealing than the F1 courses in Nations. However when I downloaded the SE demo there was only 1 server up. Is that demo servers? Does the full game have different/more servers? Or was that the only SE server running in existence? If the game has no servers I won't bother buying it since I pretty much only play online. Thanks.

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Post by otmb;ripbox » 09 Mar 2006 15:59

well i say if you like nations the you will love sunrise extreme its jampacked with loads more blocks 3 enviroments and insain idea's and as for the servers being only 1 server in the demo thats because the demo is so small and not worth playing lets just put it this way buy sunrise extreme and you wont be dissapointed and if your were to be i would if i could give you a full refund + £80 cas back just for returning it
thing is if because TMN has only been around for a month and the fact that its free there is loads of ppl playing it and most of the old time players of tmo/tms/tmse are playing tmn but the novelty will wear off real soon
getting back to the server issue Nadeo hold 1 main server that ppl creat there ownservers from so even if there was only 1 server to choose then you could creat your own server meaning there woud then be 2 servers
so the more ppl online the more there will be

currently there is an average of 5000 ppl online on TMN
and normaly there is around 2000 on TMS-X however on the relaes of extreme i would expect there to be around 7000 ppl online giving you an average of about 70 servers to choose from
those of us that baught sunrise allready have extreme and let me tall you its ace :) and a lot of ppl are allready getting tired of TMN and have gone back to playing TMS-E

just check out some of the screenies that ppl from our clan have posted ... opic&t=288
and also check out the track you can allready download for extreme ... =auto#auto
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Post by Drake1009 » 09 Mar 2006 17:03

I tend to like Sunrise more than Nations. Though I quite like the handling of the car in Nations (Expect the 3 environments in sunrise to have completely different handling, and none of them having quite similar handling to Nations for that matter).

The environments look a lot better. More variety in blocks available. And though nations seem to have taken a deal of the sunrise players, there's still a good deal of servers up, though they're not always populated.

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