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Looking for competitions

Post by podiman » 14 Nov 2009 14:32

Hi, I'm a Sri Lankan TMNF player. ever since i found out the TMNF is a free game I played it and fell in love with it. played online for sometime. our sri lankan community of gamers also had TMNF session @ one point but not many gamers loved the game, so i was forced to give up on the game.
Now my interest is again gone to TMNF after i saw the finals @ WCG. I don't have the ability to travel abroad to compete in competitions since i'm still studying. I was wondering if there is any competitions that can participate in without much latency. One of the biggest problems when living in a country like mine is that there is not many servers that i can play without having much of latency. So if any of you know any competitions that is happening in the asia region could you name them in this thread please. So that I could go and look and participate and see how good a player I really am.


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Re: Looking for competitions

Post by Stoppi » 15 Nov 2009 02:57

I can see how that is a problem..

There are tons of solo/team competitions, but i guess the big problem is that TM is mainly Europe based. Pretty much all cups are driven mainly focused on Europe and so are most of the clans. There are an amount of non Europe teams, but they probably have to adjust to the timezone difference cause of all the Europe players.

I can't help you for any tournament in that region, but maybe you'll just have to ask fellow players from asia. If there aren't any cups running, maybe there is enough interest to set something up :D

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