questions about the "freezone"severs

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questions about the "freezone"severs

Post by ufossspppsss » 17 Dec 2010 09:15

eh,so hi every body,i am a trackmania player of CHINA,i have been playying trackmania nationsforever for 3 years.of course i'm not a good racer but i promise i keep trying my best with my teammates for years. And now,i have some questions about the "freezone".
ihave got a score:53160.But factually,this score has kept still since the trackmania changed TMNF's servers.i found that all the free servers are just suitable for the players whose scores are all under 50k.servers' limitation above 50k are just exist in players' servers,and it noticed that i have to upgrade my account.BUT you should know that a united forever account is hardly to buy in chinese mainland!So amounts of chinese racers can't get any more point the way,i can't find a freezone server in the CHINA zone,we feel difficult to join together,holding a interteam match,or eh...something else. So,can someboby(I am sorry but i don't know who is the "manager")change the score limitation in SOME servers,such as 0-60000,50000-80000.And,who can give CHINA zone some server??I am new here,don't :roflol: me~~~

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Re: questions about the "freezone"severs

Post by jamie_macdonald » 17 Dec 2010 09:25

You should try the Freezone FAQ provided for you in you game gategory in the forum?

You will see here that you can hide your server, and then join via a link. This makes it easier for teams to meet with the current setup,

There is also a server list website currently being made bu Bueddl:


Hope that helps,

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