Chicane Racing League

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Chicane Racing League

Post by BeerHuntor » 08 Jan 2012 21:39


With the severe lack of fun racing leagues, i decided to create this one for the free version of Trackmania available on steam. Its a team based league, with members able to create and put together their own team from scratch. The league is very much in its infancy, but already has a website, structure, and dedicated staff to run it and make sure it is a great and enjoyable league for all who partake.

At CRL, we aim to give people long lasting enjoyment from our leagues with the hope that they will return season after season.

That being said, please note, that not everything maybe perfect, we have not even started the first season yet. Once the season is over, we will have a review of the structure, and allow members to have a say on how future seasons are structured.

The current structure is a season last's 6 weeks. With race day being on a Saturday there is 4 races per race day, on a single track, 6 tracks throughout the season. Points will be based on the current Formula 1 point system including constructors championships.

Teams will have there own team profile and forum. And a chance to earn rewards throughout the season, to be shown on your member profile.

If you want to find out more information, please visit the CRL official website at

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