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Awful track tearing, what to do?

Posted: 28 Oct 2015 08:56
by EcoRider

I've noticed some tracks appear quite awful. I've tried changing some graphics settings, but haven't found the right setting yet.

My PC:
Asus Zenbook, with Windows 10, and Intel Core M processor.
Latest version of TM.

It supposedly runs the first few tracks pretty fine upto max resolution (1080p), max graphics settings (Ultra, or even custom everything on!). Benchmarks said it still had 24FPS, but during game the FPS went well above 30fps.
I tried lowering the graphics settings, but no improvements yet...


Re: Awful track tearing, what to do?

Posted: 28 Oct 2015 09:03
by EcoRider
Lots of the earlier tracks (in white) and some of the later levels in white, and green, still look good!

But these white tearing lines are very odd, to say the least; and they move back and forth with the car. If I stand still, they're static. If I move, they move almost like a lens, or lighting effect.
They also appear on the car and on the decoration/artifacts next to the road, like these walls: