[TMNF] 2018 Mad Championship (10 years !)

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[TMNF] 2018 Mad Championship (10 years !)

Post by P0uY0u » 15 Jan 2018 20:05

Hey folks,
here is a little championship, fun and quiet, along the year 2018. (DEADLINE November 30th 2018)

The Mad Academy wich is basically an academy for another game (Bloodbowl2) is composed about 100+ players and of course, some are playing other games too ! TM stands among them and the academy decided to start a little championship for fun.

YOU, real TM players ! are welcome to join this championship (even if i suppose lot of you are playing on Tm² now but who knows...

If you wanna join us you just have to follow the link to the Discord of the MAD and find the #trackmania channel at the bottom of the channel's list.
All is simple, all is friendly, special tracks to dl/install - replays to send on the discord / ranking to consult on the googlesheet / quick taunt on other competitors and re-send news replays until the dead line :p you already know how it works so nothing more to say :)

Wish you'll enjoy the initiative, enjoy the place and have fun driving on this :) Wish you luck guys and lot of fun ! Cya !

DISCORD OF THE MAD :: https://discord.gg/kSnqUYV
(Note that this is a French based Academy but you can freely speak english in there there is no pb at all. Some players are coming from US UK GE and other countries so don't worry.)

+ For french speakers only you can check a quick Vid about this championship (mostly for new players)

http://www.VogZone.com <= Free TM Tournaments ::.

Manialink VOGZONE
Have fun

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