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TMO on Windows 10

Posted: 14 Aug 2016 00:41
by WingsOfJust1ce
okay so i had this game as a child and decided i wanted to buy a new copy to play, and the latest it works with is windows xp, is there anyway i can make it work on 10?

Re: TMO on Windows 10

Posted: 23 Nov 2016 04:39
by Ti0
Recently I installed w10 aniversary update, clean instalation, and i tried to run TMO, and for my surprise... it works fine :o whith the standar vga graphycs adapter instaled whith the SO, the problem came when I updated to HD graphycs, didn´t work anymore :(

So, the problem is the standar vga just have the 1024x768 resolution max :?

For the moment i will keep the W7 partition to games and the w10 for the rest.


Sorry my english, I´m argentine :roll:

Re: TMO on Windows 10

Posted: 05 Dec 2016 19:25
by JHSko
Patch pro rOOlz works fine for me :)

Re: TMO on Windows 10

Posted: 13 Dec 2016 09:10
by BloodTiger

Somebody help? I have installed TMO + Win7 Patch and when i try to launch the game i have infinte white screen (Windows 10).

Re: TMO on Windows 10

Posted: 14 Jan 2017 04:17
by mrpenguinb
You can make TrackMania Original work with any PC configuration by using a DirectX wrapper. The WineD3D libraries are basically DirectX wrappers, which you can download from this website here:

All that you need to do is extract the right .dll files into your TrackMania Original directory and there will no longer be a white screen showing up.

DLL's required for TrackMania Original
- d3d9.dll
- libwine.dll
- wined3d.dll