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Limitations on Trackmania

Posted: 04 May 2018 19:37
by Nex3l3
Im just curious does this game exist (worth buying) or its just dead. I tried to install it from CD , it as in one of magazines i did read in past, and i played it a lot, but i see limitations on servers, and lack of "good maps" i used to have on my disk form various creators. I see there is tons of these games , but i dont think cominity is big anymore. I also noticed that ubisoft have his hands on it so im concerned about microtransactions.
I used to play it a lot when i was a kid, so its natural i would just come for month up to 3 months. Just for racing fun
And yes im 95 % sure i will not be able to get my account back :lol:

Re: Limitations on Trackmania

Posted: 06 May 2018 12:20
by Owen J
The community is still very much alive in both United & TM2.
There are still loads of great quality tracks being uploaded on
Ubisoft's impact on the game has been very little, they pretty much just publish the games and that's it.