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Trackmania Powerup on Windows 7

Posted: 09 Mar 2019 14:45
by trackmaster123
Hello every one!
I've tried to install Trackmania Powerup on my Win7 machine, but I'm stuck at a disc check loop, it keep asking for reboot.
It was working on my Xp VM, but it was extremly laggy. Is there any solution to make the game work on 7 without the original update?

Re: Trackmania Powerup on Windows 7

Posted: 08 Apr 2019 07:24
by mrpenguinb
Hi trackmaster123,
It is quite easy to get the game working on Windows 7 and 10. All you need to do is update the game's StarForce version so that it works on newer operating systems.
If your system has 8 GB or more of RAM then you will also need to use a DirectX wrapper.
Instructions on how to get the game working fully:

Running games in a VM can be painful as you can get worse performance and some games just crash due to bad virtualization support of standardized drivers.