Shooting Replay Videos

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Re: Shooting Replay Videos

Post by PorschefanRoel » 01 Jun 2009 12:00

anonymous345 wrote:
petewills wrote:Yes, exactly that.
I thought a capture program would be necessary.
Thanks for reply. :thumbsup:


FRAPS works quite well and is not expensive,
but as it is only required for occasional use,
I will look for a suitable freeware program.
Any recommendations?
I have not heard of any freeware screen capture program that doesn't put a watermark or limit the length of your videos
out of all the ones i tried fraps uses the least amount of system resources while recording, so f you're serious about gameplay video you'll have to pay the money
You can use one of xfire, no watermark and is working very well.

The saven video can you find at C\Program Data\xfire\videos

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Re: Shooting Replay Videos

Post by TStarGermany » 02 Jun 2009 14:00

check this one here
it's a good+free recording software with a fast lossless codec, as far as i know = no watermark

besides that:
i think i remember that you CAN actually use TM to shoot a replay video with CP times and stuff included, if i could only remember what it needed to show it.. :roll: i think it was related to the "event" track on a replay, check its properties to see if you can use it

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