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Fast Sticker Tutorial - Paint.NET

Posted: 07 Nov 2009 16:56
by Dexu
now i will show you a tutorial how to make car stickers to TrackMania with Paint.NET

Things you will need:
-Paint.NET (Download: Plugin the picture you want to make a sticker of!
2.use magicwand to the background (that you want to take away)
3.when you have only the (ex.) Logo left.. no extra background colors.. Save it as: Sticker.tga (TGA)
4.then it pops up a window.. Bit Depht: 32-bit DONT COMPRESS (RLE) it to a folder that have the sticker name.. (ex. folder: Monster | file: Sticker.TGA)
6.then resize the picture to 64x64 pixels..
7.then save the small picture: Save as Icon.DDS
8. put the folder (that have the sticker.tga and files) to C:program files/TmUnitedForever/painter/stickers ...