How do i change server name?

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Re: How do i change server name?

Post by Ant » 18 Jun 2010 16:12

naabje wrote:i just followed this. ... /index.php
i do not get xaseco.
well then, look here and here :thumbsup:

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Re: How do i change server name?

Post by fordry » 22 Jun 2010 00:22

naabje, it sounds like you are pretty new to the community. couple things ill throw out here. If you want to run a server and are new to the whole server thing, i highly recommend usbtmfserver. there is a post about it in the toolbox section here on this forum. Its an all in one server package that is mostly configured and has an easy to understand setup document to get it operational for you.

About tmx id's, they are a common topic in the tm community. tmx is a short way of saying tm-exchange, its the track database website and most of the server controllers available (aseco/rasp2.x, xaseco, fast, onyx, truck, etc........) are able to connect to it and automatically add tracks from it without you having to go to the website, download the file, then manually add the track to your tracklist document then restart the server. the tmx id is a unique id number given to a track when it is uploaded to the tmx site and is visible on the track's profile.

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Re: How do i change server name?

Post by naabje » 22 Jun 2010 18:42

yes i am pritty new on the community,
just descovered this game a month ago on the television.
tanks mate!

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