No banlist on TM Server 2.11.26???

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highway camper
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No banlist on TM Server 2.11.26???

Post by tyhaguh » 27 Oct 2010 22:21

Sorry if isn't here the right place, but, on TM Servers don't have a banlist? Bans only are registered on TM Console temporarly?
How can I regist the bans if I have how to do...?
Thanks.. And sorry for bad english :s

Pit Crew
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Re: No banlist on TM Server 2.11.26???

Post by Xymph » 28 Oct 2010 05:50

Server setup and tools are discussed in the Toolbox forum. There is no banlist (by IP) because bans don't persist across server restarts.
There is however a global blacklist (by login) for cheaters detected on Dedimania, as discussed here:
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