personal dedicated server and mods

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personal dedicated server and mods

Post by mutsop » 09 Jan 2014 00:38


So a few months ago I bought myself a NAS (Synology). Main reason was to use it as a media server. Till now I also got Teamspeak installed and it works great :)

As for specs it has a cpu of 2.13GHz and 4096MB ram.

So first of, is this enough for running a private server for 2 to 5 people?

Secondly, how does this work with mods? Let's say I have 20 tracks which uses Time trail, no mods, common configuration and 5 tracks which uses the RPG mod. Are there specific configurations needed for this to work? or does the server know when to switch?

Third, will this guide work?

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Re: personal dedicated server and mods

Post by askuri » 09 Jan 2014 14:39

First: yes (except it is ARM cpu but due to frequency i would say its normal cpu like in PC)

Second: No special setups needed. If yiu have problems, the mod locator is wrong. But thats a map problem

Third: if you want to run ManiaPlanet server: yes

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