What "My Campaign" tracks have highest SP?

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What "My Campaign" tracks have highest SP?

Post by eyebo » 14 Jun 2019 21:51

Of course we get most of our SP (SkillPoints) from the Nadeo Campaign maps.

But you can also do official times on tracks downloaded into the "My Campaign" area in-game.

You can either Download a track that's been built and uploaded into a slot, or you can add one of your own tracks from among the tracks already in your local folders.

The problem is, this whole area of the game is sort of hidden. We don't know the tracks that are best to compete on to maximize our points.

So my question is, can we have a list of the Top 100 or so non-Nadeo tracks with the highest SP?

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Re: What "My Campaign" tracks have highest SP?

Post by romanobelucci » 07 Nov 2019 18:43

I cant add tracks from sunrise. I have invalid challenge info when im trying...

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