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Buying a key

Post by RokenPrice » 08 Sep 2020 19:00

Years ago (more than 10) I bought a key online officially for this game, and have enjoyed many years playing.

Now, it gets weird. I use Linux exclusively, and the game works brilliantly via wine on Linux. However, after a house move and a HD filesystem failure that no matter what I try I can't recover from, I lost the game and the key. I used to have the CD key on an archived email, which I can no longer find.

So, I'm prepared to buy again, but the only place that I can find it is Steam. I explicitly do not want it via a 3rd party system, and prefer my standalone install.

Ubisoft have been unable to help.

Is there anywhere I can get a standalone CD Key legitimately?

For info - I have the installation files - I just can't recover my key (though I do have a dual boot, and may be able to recover it from the Windows install, if that still works - I have my doubts)

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Re: Buying a key

Post by 85filip58 » 09 Sep 2020 19:21

I own one physical DVD copy of TMUF game, couple years later I purchased celebration pack and got TMUF as part of this pack via digital copy and can retrieve through Steam CD key for TMUF game, I think it's DVD and Online key in one, just game is provided as digital copy.

You will be lucky to find nowadays on eshops online TMUF, but it will need deep search if they have it in stock, for good price and unopened.

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Re: Buying a key

Post by sprokket » 22 Feb 2021 10:10

Buy it on steam and download the game from the site

Log in with your account (you can make on with the steam edition) after you can grab the key from steam uninstall the game from steam and
install the game outside of steam.

the nice thing is. steam will save your key so you can't lose it agian.

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