People in trackmania

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People in trackmania

Post by slingerakos » 19 Mar 2021 20:43

After years i join in this game and this is the treatment i take nice ... ported.jpg

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Re: People in trackmania

Post by 85filip58 » 23 Mar 2021 07:27

Hi, neither I can blame the Operator of the server or you as I don't know whole story. But from the screenshot it looks like that Operator is an id!0t who randomly warn players due to stupid "rule". It is not a obligation to say "Hi", however it is more likely disrespectful but it cannot be demanded in such manner. If you want to being it resolved, wait for MasterAdmin and tell him that his Operator does bad advertisement for his server. However I don't believe that this Operator get punishment he deserves due to his attitude.

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