Stunt level glitches

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Stunt level glitches

Post by Cdeathjd » 20 Apr 2008 22:19

There seem to be glitches in a couple of my stunt levels of TMUF:

In the "cowboy" desert races, after landing from a jump quite often my up key "acellerate" will stop working, the car will keep going backwards till it hits something. This only seems to happen on this style of stunt.

Also Stunts C5 (gold score) and D1 (gold score) are impossibly highly scored. The replay cars for these high scores seem to be taking advantage of random chance rather than driving in a coherent fashion, and thus, repeating the stunts is impossible. Is there some secret "easter egg" that gives lots of points? Or is there indeed also a code you can type in to unlock the locked races (unlock, not complete obviously)?

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Re: Stunt level glitches

Post by Herrick » 21 Apr 2008 00:35

Unfortunetly for the "luck" maps you just need to persevere as there are no hidden score boosters. As for the Desert car it's been that was since original as far as I remember, just gotta hope you don't get stuck reversing at speed. As for unlocking the tracks you can download the tracks of TMX although they will also be in your gamedata folder, and available from browse tracks.
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