question about my TMUF track

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question about my TMUF track

Post by skulleater » 31 Dec 2008 19:05

hello everybody, yesterday i bought TMUF. :3

so i made a track in the upload menu in the game, and uploaded it.
my upload was successfull. :)

but now i have a question.
where can i find my track back, and can i get coppers because the track is uploaded now?

grtzz skull. :)

srry for the double post guys! my pc gave some kind of error that the message was deleted so i posted a new 1.. but its still here.
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happy cruiser
happy cruiser
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Re: question about my TMUF track

Post by s0xen » 31 Dec 2008 23:45

Don't know.
But you don't havw to double post it.
It will be answered.

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