How can i stop TMUF deleting SP scores?

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How can i stop TMUF deleting SP scores?

Post by Cdeathjd » 20 Aug 2010 22:12

Seriously, i've not played the game in seven days, so it wipe out tens of hours worth of time i spent into getting the singleplayer scores(and pays me 200 coppers, wow, to take a new start!)? This is rediculous is there any fix for this? I'm never gonna get to see what the bleeding code black tracks are like if you reset my scores because i chose to take a short break from playing the flippin game!

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Re: How can i stop TMUF deleting SP scores?

Post by Wolf68k » 21 Aug 2010 16:54

You don't unlock the black tracks before of time you spend playing, unless I'm not understanding something correctly.
The tracks are unlocked when you meet the requirements which is just to get gold on all of the tracks for that type. So when you get gold on all of the Stadium tracks it'll unlock the Stadium Black track no matter what your SP is.

Like you I take a long breaks and I'm sure my SP has changed but I pay absolutely no attention to SP because I really don't care about it. To me they are just bragging rights but don't really mean anything even then. Your actual skill is what should be your bragging right.
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