Game doesnt start

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Game doesnt start

Post by Troyz0r » 25 Jul 2011 16:40

I have a problem with starting the game. And I tried already alot and nothing helps.

When I try to start the game game pops up and immidiatly dissapears again. If i bench the game, I get a message: Your graphics card supports "Current" settings at 0 fps. When i try bench all: Your graphics card supports "High quality" settings at 0 fps.

I read alot about this problem and many people do have this problem. Already tried to delete my oldest driver and see if it works than installed already new drivers and it still doesnt work.

Im really out of ideas hehe is there anybody who can help me?

My PC:

AMD Phenom(tm) ll X6 1090T processor
Gigabyte 880GMA-UD2H motherboard
Nvdia Geforce GTX 275
Windows XP home edition service pack 3
8gb memory

Information welcome:)

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sunday driver
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Re: Game doesnt start

Post by Cyber » 09 Oct 2011 05:21

If you have one or more graphic cards but by the looks of it you don't I'm pretty sure TMUF Only supports the cards that are on it's list been given or whatever but what you could is going to the config, soo TMUF Start> Config > Advanced. If it hasn't been set at it's "Quality" then you should select customize and set it to High Quality if it already is on there, perhaps reset everything to it's default TMUF does sometimes fiddle around with it's self (It happened to me). You could also explore this forum for additional options.
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