Kicked off server please help noobie

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Kicked off server please help noobie

Post by cabourn » 02 Aug 2012 11:55

I was playing online last night racing against two other players and I was winning the races. Then one of the other players put a comment saying "f-----g english" which was really offensive. I don't know how to comment so I could not say anything back.

On the next race the same player called a vote and got me kicked off the game (server) and now everytime I try to play that game it says my IP is banned by the server.

How do I get back on to that server to play that game and can I report the player who made the offensive remark?
Also I need to know how to make comments online after the race has finished like the other players do (gg, gg all etc...).

Any help would be appreciated

thanks in advance

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Re: Kicked off server please help noobie

Post by Acceleracer_01 » 03 Aug 2012 14:50

Using the chat feature is simple:
Just press Space and start writing ;)

Concerning your server problem, I guess it would be quite clever to try contacting the server admin, but if I were you, I wouldn't play on such a server with such offending and unfair players. There are lots of other great servers out there :)

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