A few questions for Online gaming

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A few questions for Online gaming

Post by sbeats » 07 Mar 2014 09:55

Hello Everyone, im Totally new to Trackmania Forums

I play most of the time with friends in Partymode.
Is there a way to save and see all the statistics my friends drive on each route? for example, if we start a party game all highscore are singed to my account but is it possible that the records from friends with no TM acc can be saved for my TM account?

We created a bunch of new Routes.
We Uploaded them to the bookmark"In game" called share ur Tracks.
If i go on "Create an Online Challenge",
i can choose wiche routes i wanna have in the Challenge. So if i select al my created Routes, are they playable in the Freezone for other players?

I came here becouse ggogle wont help me with my searches. so if there are already posts with questions like mine im sorry. but i would be thankful if u could help me too. :thumbsup:

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