Classic TM Campaigns to TMUF

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Classic TM Campaigns to TMUF

Post by mvv0105 » 07 Mar 2015 05:36

TMClassicsToForever 0.1
by VladM

It's ported TM Original Race campaign to TMUF. It includes medal ranking on all maps and locked maps before get medals on previous tracks.


How to install:
1) Find "GameData/Tracks/Campaigns/United" directory in TM United Forever folder (NOT DOCUMENTS)
2) BACKUP "UnitedStunts.ConstructionCampaign.Gbx" file
3) Extract all files from archive to folder
4) Launch game, go to Solo>United>Stunts
5) Enjoy ^_^

And little FAQ:
Q: Why this campaign replaced Stunts maps?
A: Because i don't like Stunts gamemode :(

Q: You are can add new campaign without replacing?
A: NO. Or go and spend coppers for every track in "My Campaign".

Q: I want Stunts maps back!
A: Just replace your backup of "UnitedStunts.ConstructionCampaign.Gbx" on old place.

Q: I can earn SkillPoints on this maps?
A: No. For this, use "My Campaign".

Q: I can have medal rating with friends?
A: Maybe... I don't check this.

Q: It have a ghosts?
A: Every map have "Toto" ghost - it's like gold medal (Compared by time).

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Re: Classic TM Campaigns to TMUF

Post by Mizu » 05 Apr 2015 17:04

Nice, will try that :-)

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