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Dedicated Server - United can connect, Nations can't?

Posted: 09 May 2015 22:38
by Mystereyx
Hi guys,

So tonight I decided to make a dedicated server over again.
Everything is running fine. Well, it seems to be.

This is my issue; I have made a dedicated server.
A friend of mine, who's got United, can join easily.
But another friend of mine, who's got Nations, can't.
He gets this error message;

Could not contact server connection to [IP].
Failed or disconnected from server (10061).

I've looked online and I see a lot of things with NAT / Loopback.
But that is not my issue. The United friend is able to join.
So everything is accessible easily.

The issue should be in the FreeZone somewhere.
What did I do to setup Freezone?

-I went ingame and registered my server as FreeZone.
-It didn't return me an error and it said my serveraccount was created succesfully.
- I didn't see any copper changes (you should pay 10000 right?)
- For FreeZone, I use the Freezone plugin for Xaseco (so ManiaLive isn't running. According to the plugin it's not necessary anymore.)

So what am I doing wrong?
Xaseco is running fine, it doesn't return me any errors.
My databases are fine. But I think it has got something to do with Freezone.

Anybody had / got the same issue?
Thanks in advance

Re: Dedicated Server - United can connect, Nations can't?

Posted: 11 May 2015 07:22
by Alinoa
Please look at this topic to set up a freezone server: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=29598 :)