Why so less coppers?

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highway camper
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Why so less coppers?

Post by Namy » 16 Jun 2015 22:18

I've been playing this game for fun for about 8-9 years, i've played only TMN and TMNF(free versions) though. Finally i bought this game yesterday cause i thought it deserved it. Now here'z the problem! i have a question, why is there a nadeo tax, it doesn't make any sense! why give coppers everyday when you're going to take'em back in every transaction? In a sense I just have to win them from other players only. I've been playing TMNF for too long, somehow it doesn't feel all too good buying this game when it comes to coppers. I play only stadium so the other environments are not necessary for me. Also why just 50 coppers for newbies? Aaaarghhh this is hopeless :P :ftw: :ftw: :ftw:

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Re: Why so less coppers?

Post by O'Dre » 16 Jun 2015 23:57

I haven't been playing for nearly as long as you, but I too felt bit ripped off when I started with 50 coppers.. and they are not easy to obtain a large amount...

Queen Jadis
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Re: Why so less coppers?

Post by Queen Jadis » 22 Jun 2015 16:52

You earn coppers by logging in every day. A normal TMUF account receives 50 cc but you can register TMS and TMO keys to obtain a higher daily bonus (+20 for TMS and +10 for TMO). In addition, you can earn 100 cc per week for login on maniazones.com. If you really want to accumulate a lot of coppers in a short period of time, you can also try to beat nadeo medal records in official mode or play and win a tournament if you are skillful enough. It is also possible to sell skins or avatars on manialinks. Asking for donations is an option as well but it makes you dependent on others.

What do you spend your coppers on? I know many players who only use them to replay tracks online or to rent servers. I myself used to be very active in official mode and also did not have many coppers for a long time but as soon as I stopped playing official, it became a lot more.

The nadeo transaction tax is required to avoid inflation ingame. You can save coppers by sending higher amounts in one message.
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