MCM Results 02-01-2016

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MCM Results 02-01-2016

Post by <This_is_not_a_test> » 02 Jan 2016 22:50

Hi all,

i m not sure i can post the results as topic here, but i give it a shot ;)

MultiClan(fun)Match winner of januari: n°1 team FM with 525p Congratz !! :1 :3

2nd team RM with 304p :thumbsup:
3th team FBF with 191p :gobananas:
4th team EMC with 173p :3
5th team JFF with 129p :1
6th team Bleus with 122 :3

7th team TML with 61p :?:
8th team Family with 42p :grmblz: next time ;)

screenshots of the rounds results you find here:

Hope you enjoyed this fun event, next one will be around first weekend of februari, have a happy 2016 all and thanks for joining !

Cheggie :1

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Re: MCM Results 02-01-2016

Post by Pedal2theMetal » 03 Jan 2016 13:10

Was a fun event, thanks for running this!

Congrats to FM, GGA, and CYA next time!

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