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Post by trackmaniaprotje » 03 Jan 2016 15:39

Hello Everyone,

Maybe a stupid question, How to get coppers?

I made a server, And I want to add FreeZone to it. But it requires me to have 10000 + 250 per week coppers..

How do I manage to have it? with only the 50 a day, I won't get very far....

Greetings, Me.


EDIT: I got 300 coppers now, and riding Solo for coppers!

speedy pilot
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Re: Coppers

Post by Acceleracer_01 » 03 Jan 2016 16:01

Playing solo mode and collecting medals in official mode is one way to get coppers. Other ways to get them is e.g. to play online on servers, which have random coppers payout or a betting system, where you can win some extra coppers if you're lucky/a fast player.
You can also have a look over at TMX, people often host coppers competition where everyone can participate: ... id=12#auto ... id=12#auto

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