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Help finding how to play old copy of TMUF?

Posted: 23 Feb 2017 21:08
by speedi77
Hey guys!

I've had the hardest time activating/playing my old copy of TMUF. I recently built a new PC and was really excited to play one of my favorite old games. I had the original downloaded copy saved on a hard drive as well as the original activation key. However, when I tried to activate it using the old code, it simply said that the code was invalid (though the code was technically accepted, as when I changed any of the other characters around it would grey out the whole bar).

I sort of remember migrating my activation key to a different type of account, but I don't remember what I did or when I did it. When I contacted Ubisoft about it, they continue to give me the run-around (easily 3+ hours spent with 5 different case "specialists" now over two weeks later with a still open case that is yet to be resolved). I originally purchased the game back in 2008, and my emails that are that old have been deleted on my account, so I no longer have the copy of my receipt. Though considering the fact that I have the original activation code as well as an account history with the game's online community you would think that they could tell right away that I purchased the game, or could at least look up in the archived receipts for my purchase. Go figure.

I'm reaching out to you guys to see if there's anything that I missed in trying to install the game? I can't log in to the game to see if my code is associated with my account, as every time I do I cannot start it because the game is not activated. Also if there's any way I could get my original receipt that would be amazing as well!

Any ideas would help, thanks for reading guys!

Re: Help finding how to play old copy of TMUF?

Posted: 24 Feb 2017 10:27
by Alinoa

Are you sure that you well contacted the Ubisoft support at Then you have to log in with your Uplay account to send a support ticket.

Cheers :D

Re: Help finding how to play old copy of TMUF?

Posted: 24 Feb 2017 20:58
by speedi77
Thanks for the reply!

I have contacted them now about 5 times, each time they assure me that my case is being looked at (though it's clear it would have been resolved by now if it truly had).

I'm thinking my problem might be within the transfer of the data from the purchases made before Ubisoft took over the franchise. If I can in some way obtain my receipt from back in 2008 I think it would help my case, however even with access to my original email account that the purchase was made from along with my actual activation key they for whatever reason can't validate my purchase and either reactivate my old key or give me a new one.

Am I doing something wrong in using my old key in the software activation since I migrated my key over? I'd really like to figure out what the issue is, as it should still be a good code.

If I'm doing something wrong or if I can be re-sent my receipt from my purchase to share with the Ubisoft team I'd appreciate it! Please let me know the best course of action, outside of contacting Ubisoft support again (as they're not much help).