Few questions about activation and profile association...

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Few questions about activation and profile association...

Post by XiXiDu » 26 Jan 2007 09:49

I've bought and downloaded my copy of TMU from tmu.gamesplanet.com/campagne/. I already installed it a second time because I upgraded my system. It was just too slow before to play the stadium environment online. Now I wanted to get a new PC with Windows Vista so that I will have to install it another time. My first question is, is it possible to import the statistics and settings? Where exactly are the statistics being stored? My second question, is my profile, my account, associated with the serial number or multiplayer key of the downloaded game? Since I wanted to buy a German copy of the game when it comes out February this year. Will I just be able to login with my current account or can I maybe use the serial number and multiplayer key of the downloaded game? And my third question is, if I have to activate the downloaded game more than 3 times, what do I do? Is there a way to get an additional activation?


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Post by JumperJack » 26 Jan 2007 15:20

1 - the statistics and the settings are bound to your profile. so when you install it again, and you're connected to the internet, your old statistics and settings will be restored.
2 - as far as i know you can only login with your existing profile, and don't use the serial number of your downloaded copy...
3 - when you received an e-mail with your player key and activation code, there was also an e-mail adress included, and an order number. search for that e-mail and send a mail to that adress with your order number and the reason of your needed extra activations...

i'm not 100% sure if 1 and 2 are totally right, but 3 is right for sure ;)

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