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New Manialink with Carskins: Skin World

Posted: 05 Oct 2008 12:08
by expressman

i worked for the last days on my manialink for my custom car skins.
I think the result is pretty nice. But it's up to you to judge that.

The manialink is reachable under "skinworld" or "skin world". Just visit it :). Here is also the direct link: Skin Worldcolor>
I hope the manialink will be listed on the mainpage in the future too ;)

On the manialink are 18 carskins from Mustang to Monstertrucks or Lamborghini to Van. It's a nice collection.
More skins will added time by time when i have them ready. You can also suggest cars to skin here. Maybe you are lucky and I do it.

Here is a little preview:

Please leave some feedback, critics, suggestions...

Have fun with Skin World!

Re: New Manialink with Carskins: Skin World

Posted: 02 Jan 2009 12:19
by Arthur92
man i can´t acess to the links... i click and i still on the same page... manialinks don´t work...
:grmblz: :ftw: