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speedy pilot
speedy pilot
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new style

Post by jouko100 » 30 Aug 2009 03:34

maybe i found new style.i wrote Lvl wrong Lv1.Not checked it better.

<quad style="Icons64x64_1" substyle="Lv1Green" posn="0 0 1" sizen="10 10"/>

try to put abobe this
<quad style="Bgs1InRace" substyle="BgTitle3_4" posn="0 0 0" sizen="10 10"/>

happy cruiser
happy cruiser
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Re: new style

Post by smurf » 30 Aug 2009 11:16

I'm sorry but it's not a new style. It's only the default icon with icons64x64_1
if I write this, I will have the same thing:

Code: Select all

<quad style="Icons64x64_1" substyle="qwerty" posn="0 0 1" sizen="10 10"/>

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