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ManiaLink: How to put it all together?

Posted: 06 Jan 2011 18:18
by Driver_X
I've just begun my first ManiaLink, after less than 4 hours of work I guess I'm doing well :oops:

My doubt is: How can I put all .xml files together and make a real ManiaLink?

I heard that I should upload them to a filehost but,

When I see an already online page, their links are something like this "tmtp//:", I guess that's ManiaLink's prefix so, how can I upload my .xml file to some file host website (Fileden) and get links like that? I'm really confused :?

Any help is welcome, also, I did most of my work through tutorials and I read lot of them and none talk about that...
Here are they so people won't recommend any I've already read. (Unless I didn't noticed that useful information :P )

Some TM wiki related articles

Also, what "Add Your Manialinks/ManiaCodes Urls" at player page does?

Thanks :lovetm

Re: ManiaLink: How to put it all together?

Posted: 26 Jan 2011 14:10
by skeleton2000
First you need to upload your xml files via ftp to some webspace. Try here it's free and you need an ftp client to upload which you can get here
Once uploaded get the url of the files and make a manialink on your player page here You will give your pages short names and these will be your manialinks that can be typed into the manialink browser.

Re: ManiaLink: How to put it all together?

Posted: 01 Feb 2011 13:09
by boswalox
I tried that, but it wouldn't work. I just generaly don't knwo how to do it. Can you help?