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Wow. That is SICK! I really want it!

Post by DSTamuroForever41 » 10 Jun 2008 12:56

Starbuck© wrote:Unfortunately, these two music tracks are copyrighted so you cannot download them.
No wonder you can't get the songs! (did a fix into the quote spelling, sorry Starbuck!) Anyway, thanks for the note! Was the music created or something? And how DID you change the cars for the replays?! Because near the end the 7 cars were the Nations cars in the TMNF trailer but in TMUF they were the 7 cars used to promote the game! Also, I downloaded the trailer from Gametrailers. I was wondering who would actually upload the trailer on YouTube. If nobody else is doing it I am only just asking, I'm not putting it up unless I am given permission of course. The TMNF trailer is already up there on YouTube. (Both were already up in TM-Tube of course.) PM me for a response or put it here. I will check it later.

Thanks for reading, DS Tamuro, aka TamuroBros321 on YouTube (By the way, have you ever considered doing something like that? A message to finish off a post?)
Short message: Wow. It's hard to believe I'm only 13 and already using the complex editorial pieces in the Stadium environment (and typing this well!), also being a fresh member of the community! Using mods, building dirt mounds, all that stuff!

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