Downtimes on Maniazones : 2008/07/08

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Downtimes on Maniazones : 2008/07/08

Post by Alinoa » 07 Jul 2008 16:32

Hi all :)

Tomorrow morning (CET), there will be downtimes on Maniazones. So you may not be able to log in on the Maniazones forums.
You should have again access to the forums during the course of the afternoon again.


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Re: Downtimes on Maniazones : 2008/07/08

Post by =THC=Flash » 07 Jul 2008 17:04

OK Alinoa, no problem, thx for the info! :lovetm

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Re: Downtimes on Maniazones : 2008/07/08

Post by Retodon8 » 07 Jul 2008 20:08

Is this because there are problems with the server?
I ask because I'm having troubles logging into the Mania Zones site right now.
It doesn't work a whole bunch of times, but suddenly it does work.
I let my Firefox remember my passwords, in this case Community Code, so it can't be explained as user error either. :)

Actually I discovered this trying to log into TM Ladder, which gave me exactly the same problem.
(The new one; the old version has its own password system, unrelated to anything else.)
This leads me to believe sites using the CC (Community Code) login method contact Nadeo's server every login attempt, don't have their own database, at least not necessarily.

It seems I can use my new TMU Community Code everywhere now though, which is nice, because in the past I needed to use my old TMS CC.
My TMU CC was basically useless for some reason.
I'm glad I wrote my TMS CC down, since my Player Page only gives me the new one, but not it seems I can finally forget about the old CC. :)

Anyway, good luck with the server maintenance!

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