Unfair selection in belgium ?

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Unfair selection in belgium ?

Post by evert_ » 27 May 2008 19:42

Hi all,

I'm not a 'top' player but i love to play eswc tracks from time to time to beat all those nadeo times and see how i perform next to the trackmania top. I'm only quite active since a few months, but when i'm not mistaken last year you had to play a few lanparties to gain points and then you could play on the belgium qualifiers to select the trackmania player we'd send to eswc.

But now it seems there wasn't any lanparty who wanted to organise those qualifiers and as far as i can see our belgium player is choosen just by his name/luck/whatever. I really think this isn't a fair because i know we have some other really good drivers here in belgium who make sure as hell a good chance.

Is this an accepted method to select a player in a country ? I'm really a bit dissapointed by the way they've choosen a player, why not just with a nice qualifier (online or on a lanparty) ?

I'd really love to see some clear explenations so i can at least understand this way of thinking.


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Re: Unfair selection in belgium ?

Post by rask » 28 May 2008 07:25

i bet you mean "spy"
this is a selection of players for the eswc masters, not for the eswc grand final.
for eswc masters they based the selection on the registrations for the event, for the eswc grand final there will be a qualifier
at least i guess

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Re: Unfair selection in belgium ?

Post by Arocksum » 06 Jun 2008 14:07

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