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Re: ESWC March/April vote opened

Posted: 06 Feb 2009 20:01
by JumperJack
At first, wieeh, I’m in!! ^^

Well, since it was appreciated last time, i’ll do a little review post of the tracks. Again, it’s my very personal opinion, so don’t blame or shoot me!! ^^

Mania-World: this track more feels like a speed track than a league track. There’s nothing really original, though the finish is pretty cool. To my opinion it’s too simple for the ESWC.
floresS: this one’s a more technical one, though quite confusing at some points. Although the flow is quite good, I’m personally against mixmapping in leaguetracks. And is that advertising in the track?! Haha, smartass!! ^^
ESWC - Maxil 02: You were my personal favorite mapper of the January/February pack, and you haven’t disappointed me this time!! This is a superbly designed track, with quite some innovative parts and a funny finish!!
ESWC - Maxil 04: I knew that I recognized this one. It took me until the finish that this was the other track you uploaded last time. This track is more old skool techy than your other one, but it’s also awesome!! Although, I like 02 more than this one.
Idioteque: Even though I like this one a lot more than floresS, I still don’t like mixmapping. There’re some spots which are pretty confusing at points again, but overall the flow is really nice.
ESWC - Yarisken - B: Pretty cool track. I’m personally not really fond of loopings in league tracks (just like xai’s track), but apart from that: decent.
ESWC`You and Whose Army?: This is a more sliding focused track, but pretty well flowing. It didn’t leave such a big impression, but I can’t think of any major flaws, so good.
flammy: WOW, this is just AWESOME!! This is so definitely the best of your three uploads!! Luckily, I found almost no mixmapping, so that’s a big plus, and the rest of the track is just amazing!! And you even managed to build a more nerve breaking finish than mine at ESWC-01-05, also a plus!! ^^
ESWC-greif: And this is also such an amazing track!! Overall excellently flowing, and so fun to drive. Definitely a great track!!
Even Sylvester Wears Casual: Obviously this is a true masterpiece, lol. No further comments on my own track... ^^

So, that means my votes will go to the following tracks: ESWC - Maxil 02, flammy, ESWC-greif, ESWC - Maxil 04, Even Sylvester Wears Casual.

Remember that these are my very own opinions... ^^

Re: ESWC March/April vote opened

Posted: 06 Feb 2009 21:39
by krYw
yeah flammy was my best track and the advertissement in floress is just for sponsor of ubiteam If this track was choice for mappack I can remove all pub

Re: ESWC March/April vote opened

Posted: 06 Feb 2009 22:13
by JumperJack
yes, flammy was really amazing. had much fun driving it. and about the advertising, i hadn't seen it ever before in a track - real advertising i mean, had to laugh a bit. ^^ dunno if it's forbidden though...

Re: ESWC March/April vote opened

Posted: 07 Feb 2009 14:50
by Korre_elmuro
Mania-World: Too many big jumps & no new ideas... Boring map.
Floress: Some nice ideas, but also many jumps & not the ESWC-style I like...
ESWC-Maxil-02: Nice map, not so fast, hardtech, good one. But does every ESWC-map need 6 or more poles in the end??? >__<
ESWC-Maxil-04: Nice map again with great ideas, but the end sux again -.- And I don't like the "gray puzzle-part" either :P Still a good map...
Idioteque: wtf? seriously... wtf?! :/
ESWC-Yarisken: hmmm, weird map. **** loop, **** big drops, but some cool ideas too... Nothing for ESWC though
flammy: good map, but loose the random finish!!
ESWC-greif: not your best map Greif, but still better than the rest of the pack...
Even Sylvester Wears Casual: you should stay off the drugs and booze when making a map JumperJack :) WTF?
ESWC`You and Whose Army: /

Look, I know I won't be popular with what I'm gonna say right now, but I feel like it's my duty to slap ESWC-admins to wake them up :S
This pack is the worst thing I've ever seen, really... Stupid finishes, big drops, too many poles, too much random noobcorners, ... Really, this pack contains maps that I didn't even wanna drive 3x and that's not a good thing. You gotta realize, that the best players of the world will have to train & match on these maps during 2months on various LAN's! Dudes, WAKE UP!!!

I really think ESWC should consider to let experienced players do the pre-selection. Dunno if it's against the ESWC-policy to send in duotracks, but blizz & me made a map that was 10x better than half of this pack. I'm sure of that... And I'm quite sure that many maps that were sent in are better than 3/4 of this pack...

Seriously, ESWC, let experienced players do the pre-selection cuz this stinks!! :!:

Maxil's maps are the best of the pack, and it almost has the least votes... This voting thing also sux!!

Re: ESWC March/April vote opened

Posted: 07 Feb 2009 16:50
by JumperJack
ehh, two little additions to your reviews, korre: the six poles in the end of maxil 02 are secundary. the 'normal' way is to follow the signs and jump in one time to the finish. ^^ and the second was your comment on my map. what do you mean?! ^^ to my feeling this was one of the most 'normal' tracks i've made so far. i'd really like to know what i can improve in my building. ^^

though, i have to agree that there're few really good maps in this pack: maxil's, greif's and flammy for me.

Re: ESWC March/April vote opened

Posted: 07 Feb 2009 20:14
by krYw
random finish ??? stop drugs plz :)

Re: ESWC March/April vote opened

Posted: 07 Feb 2009 22:23
by rapt
Mania-World : Too many big jumps & no new ideas... Boring map. but nice end !
Floress : Very nice map it's my favorite map , it's just awesome i think. this map is just perfect !
ESWC-Maxil-02 : bbaaaahh Caca !
ESWC-Maxil-04 : stop say there are great idea in his maps he just take part of ancient eswc ..... many parts ...
Idioteque : nice map with a start quite hard . third in my vote :)
ESWC-Yarisken : so full speed , but there are nice ideas , just a little problem with a landing bug at 20-25sec which happen often.
flammy : good map , the finish isn't random .... it just a little hard to take
ESWC-greif : not eswc map this map it's so bad in my opinion and my pc's opinion ( fps lost)
Even Sylvester Wears Casual : This map is very nice , i love it ! it's a hard tech map like your last map in eswc pack , but this map it's quite easier than the last one :) . Very nice map i'm so angry when i see vote because this map it's eswc style ! (my second favorite )
ESWC`You and Whose Army : so bad !

So I vote for : Floress , Even Sylvester Wears Casual, flammy , Idioteque , ESWC-Yarisken (because i hate others :p )

Re: ESWC March/April vote opened

Posted: 08 Feb 2009 15:52
by SaTaNaSDiaBoLo
Once again the map pack will be boaring with map without imagination far away from the TM spirit, and the ESWC style (the best drivers should be able to drive on every surface)

Re: ESWC March/April vote opened

Posted: 12 Feb 2009 10:51
by Thana
I think that the mappers make their maps knowing what the LANNERS want.

What is the TM spirit?
I don't want to play lol or random maps, I want to play some good and competitive maps.

I'm ok to play for fun on every surface online but not on lan when there is such an important goal as ESWC.

I'm sorry for those who think that we don't respect the "TM Spirit", we love that game like you do, I'd like to know what is a "TM spirit" map playable on ESWC (if someone can send it to me please =


I'll test these 10 maps soon

Re: ESWC March/April vote opened

Posted: 12 Feb 2009 12:09
by JumperJack
well, i don't really think that many of the current tracks have that 'eswc-spirit'. those which fit best are maxil 02, flammy and mine (sounds selfish, i know, but when i wouldn't think that my track fits the eswc spirit, i wouldn't have proposed it... -.-' ). and older track which fits fine is ESWC-06-04 for example, by rapt if i'm right. that track was so crazy and just awesome!! o.O

for me, real eswc tracks are hard technical tracks, which are not 'just' sliding tracks where everyone can finish within about 0.2 seconds consistantly with a bit of training. the best drivers of the world can easily drive these little harder tracks, right?! ^^


Re: ESWC March/April vote opened

Posted: 12 Feb 2009 12:42
by Thana
imo, it's up to everyone to think that a map got the TM spirit or not.

Re: ESWC March/April vote opened

Posted: 12 Feb 2009 14:04
by rapt
Yes it's my map JumperJack and thanks :)
I agree with because I love hard tech map !!!!!! ( it's because I like your maps JumperJack)
And in this preselection pack we have many tracks in which you have 'just' to slide in the tracks , and this it's so boring in my opinion ^^ after few minutes the map will be boring.

Re: ESWC March/April vote opened

Posted: 12 Feb 2009 16:17
by JumperJack
Thana wrote:imo, it's up to everyone to think that a map got the TM spirit or not.
hm, i shouldn't have called it 'tm-spirit'. ^^ i more mean the kind of tracks which would - to my opinion - suit this competition best.

Re: ESWC March/April vote opened

Posted: 15 Feb 2009 11:30
by PsykoNova
go !
142 , it is not enough

Re: ESWC March/April vote opened

Posted: 15 Feb 2009 13:44
by SaTaNaSDiaBoLo
Maybe this track are made for competitions, but there is no original spot, as you can find on other track. Some of this spot could be really technic to drive and fun in the same time. In this pack a lot of track are technical (at the same time it's the aim), but not fun to drive nothing reall special which allowed you to make the difference
between a map or an other.

More over, but here it's a personal feeling, tracks use most of the time only Nations block and not Forever, I know that the earth is difficult to drive, but there is some new block who are very good for competitions like the blig blue. But it's only a personal feeling.

To me the best track I've seen to the ESWC were banzai's tracks, they were technical, fun and very nice to watch drivers on them