rant about trackmania and maniaplanet

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Which Trackmania Game do you enjoy most?

Trackmania United
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rant about trackmania and maniaplanet

Post by O'Dre » 22 Jun 2015 13:41

hi all.
today, I am going to share with you my feelings about the current state of trackmania... Though this is totally irrelevant, especially considering that Ubisoft announced "Trackmania Turbo" recently.

in my very humble opinion, Trackmania Nations / United was the best in the series.
the entire maniaplanet set up just feels bad
and laggy in general, all the game titles do.
from the shitty music
the heavier cars
the slight turning delay (compare it to TMF)
the horrible tire screeching
the extended time it takes to login in... in TMF you fire up the game, login, choose online multiplayer, select a server and drive... in TM2 it takes what seems like an eternity to play a title pack, especially if you alternative between computers and this horrible "synchronizing" **** that takes half a millennium to do.
hope this doesn't turn out like shitty tm2, but rather goes back half a decade or so to what made trackmania a notable series.

To all those who currently play the majority of the time on maniaplanet, go back and play TMF. I challenge you. As soon as the music plays, as soon as you see how much quicker you can login and drive, and see how much more precise and fun and arcade it is to play. I made the return to TMF from maniaplanet a little over a month ago, and I am thoroughly enjoying it... far more than I did tm2. I dearly hope Turbo will actually be a good arcade game, because that's what trackmania is all about (no one plays trackmania as a "driving simulator").

Rant over ;)

I know of more trackmania games or trackmabia related spinoffs, but I'm only using the 2 most used and commonly known versions being trackmania United and maniaplanet.

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