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Nadeo and Mixmaps

Posted: 29 Nov 2019 17:46
by laxutraly
Ok so I looked everywhere and I coulden't figure out what Nadeo's offical stance on mixmaps is, Does Nadeo hate mixmaps? Do they put up with them? Does nadeo like them? I have the feeling that Nadeo dosen't really care about them, but I would like to know what their stance is on mixmaps. Anyway thanks if you can answer my question!

Re: Nadeo and Mixmaps

Posted: 02 Dec 2019 13:47
by Alinoa
Hello Laxutraly,

I'm not sure to really understand why you raise your question. Players can use mixmaps. We don't forbid them. Players use a lot of mixmaps on their servers and they are allowed to use them.