The Ultimative Fullspeed Contest!!! 114.000 Coppers

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The Ultimative Fullspeed Contest!!! 114.000 Coppers

Post by coolmcm » 17 Jun 2009 10:11


The Ultimative Fullspeed Contest!!!

With maps of all great fs mapper like Ganja, older_x and many more.
The rules are very simple. Drive on the best 150 fullspeed maps on the Server a Record.
The drivers with the best serverranks until 16th July 2009 will win.

Prizemoney 114.000 Coppers

1. place a TM server for 3 months free. Choose from a 90k,80k or 50k Server.
2. place 50.000 coppers
3. place 25.000 coppers
4. place 10.000 coppers
5. place 6.000 coppers
6. place 4.000 coppers
7. place 3.000 coppers
8. place 2.500 coppers
9. place 2.000 coppers 1.500 coppers

In addition we make a lottery under the top100 with 2 times 5.000 Coppers.

The Top3 will additionally have a ingame tag for their excellent performance at the contest.




At the 16th july 2009 the world would known the best fullspeed driver in Trackmania.

If a Driver without a united accout get a top10 place we can pay the coppers to an team mate.

dfd.Fullspeed > Zero <

click here to join the server

The server is located in Germany->Hesse->Frankfurt

Have fun and best wishes from dfd. and >Zero<
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Re: The Ultimative Fullspeed Contest!!! 114.000 Coppers

Post by Zooz » 17 Jun 2009 22:54

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