F1HR FFA Event

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F1HR FFA Event

Post by Krscho » 22 Jul 2009 07:26

Hope this is the right topic and forum zone....

F1HR team has decided to host our first F1HR FFA (Free for all) event.
Our server: F1HR Forever, Croatia section
The track is Hockenheimring and will be driven for 305 Km (~189.5 miles, and approximately 1-1.5 hour race).

The schedule is as follows:

The event starts on 30.07.2009. and ends on 02.08.2009. with the final race.

On the first three days of the event (30.07, 31.07. and 01.08.) our F1HR server will be opened as a qualifying server, and at the end of Saturday the fastest 50 drivers will be chosen for the main race event, and will be given a password so they can join the event on Sunday.
The password will be sent to all drivers, through private messages on the official maniazones forum: http://tm.maniazones.com/forum/index.php or via email or on this forums private messages, I prefer that evryone gives me their email adress

The main race event will start on Sunday 02.08.2009., beginning at 21:00 h (9:00 PM) Croatian time or GMT +1

The rules of event

1. Respawn will be disabled, (ENTER = RETIRE).
2. When you retire, please exit the server, DO NOT chat with others and disturb them
3. During the race CHAT IS FORBIDDEN!!!
4. Driving in the wrong way is also STRICTLY FORBIDDEN

At the race we will use PITSTOP system, and our custom INCAR camera system which is made for the default skin, although it will work on any type of skin, some better, some worse, on some it won’t work…


APPEARANCE OF THE “LOW FUEL” SIGN ON THE SCREEN: at the 18th minute of the tank.
GOING TO THE PITSTOP: between 18th and 22nd minute of the tank.

Inside the pit stop there is a SPEED LIMITER, and if you are driving over 150 km/h (~93.2 mph) you will get SPEED PENALTY.

More on the pit system in the PIT SYSTEM section below.

At the end I am hoping for a huge response of the players, because on that depends our next event which may bring some prises to the challenge. But more about that after this first event and the succuses off it.

Translation by: Karambol & TTCO (don’t kill the messengers) :P



The pit entrance is located on the part of the track where there is a „PIT IN“ sign. That is usually (but not necessarily) at the beginning of the start/finish straight.
If you enter the pits from the wrong side (i.e. you enter where you're supposed to exit), you wont be able to pit in.

At the entrance you will get a „SLOW DOWN“ message (at the no.1, blue square in the example).
After that you have 2 minutes to get to the pitstalls (no.3, red square).

From the first narrow block (no. 2, first green square) until the end of the pits there is a SPEED LIMIT (150 km/h).
If you exceed the given speed limit when you are in the pits (inbetween the 2nd and 4th, green squares), you will get a PENALTY.
If you get a penalty, your screen will become black and you must STOP (0 km/h) until the penalty ends. If you don't do that you wont be able to do your mandatory pit.

After the entrance you come to the pitstalls (big red square in the example). You must enter in any one of those pitstalls, and stop to get refueled.
After a few seconds at 0 km/h, there will be a countdown (3, 2, 1), and after that a „GO GO GO“ message. When the „GO GO GO“ message appears, you can start heading towards the pit exit.
After you start from the pitstall, don't forget, there is still a 150 km/h speed limit until the pit exit! If you exceed the speed limit, you will get a penalty.

When you get to the second narrowed block (no. 4, second green square), the speed limit ends, and you can start „normal“, full speed racing from there onwards. That is, until the next pit stop.

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Re: F1HR FFA Event

Post by tcq » 22 Jul 2009 14:00

The idea of the pit stop system sounds great, wonder how this is coded :shock:

But sounds great and good luck with this event.

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