FunPark RPG CUP (25.-27.09.2009)

Come in to speak about the competitions different organised by Nadeo and the community.

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FunPark RPG CUP (25.-27.09.2009)

Post by PCerrorNERD » 30 Aug 2009 10:10

FunPark Cup:

The idea of FunPark cup is from error1.3 and >Y<. The point of this Cup is pretty simple we ware all about uniting RPG players of the world. Competition is just a fun way of making people come together. Mainly is about having fun try to remember that. And if you are the best there is an award for you.

Why FunPark?

FunPark it`s the name of our server. We come up with this name because mainly we are about having fun while hunting for the records. This is also our grand opening of this server.

Who can compete?

Everyone who will join the server there is no limitation of any kind. So everyone is welcome. Join maybe you will win.


This will be a 3day even. It will be on the 25-26-27th September 2009 at 18:00 UTC. First to days are about making the best time and gaining most points. First 10of everyday will go on to the last and final day. But no worries for those of you who will not go on to the final day there will spec allowed and u can watch the finals.


This will take place on FunPark | RPG CUP server in Sweden. Server will be online from every day until the Cup so you can practise.

What will winner get?

This time award will be little different. More players donate more coppers winner recives. There is no fixed price so donate as much ass u can to get more and more and more. Pleas donate.


25th Castle of Shadows, Legopolis and Montezumas Treasure

26th Sobékite, The boat and Baofengxue

27th Mario World, Mykérinos and Pyramids Of Giza

More info:

error1.3 and >Y< are organizing this Cup. Just another crazy idea but it will be fun to compete will all RPG players around the world. There will be also betting on the players before the final round. So even if u didn`t got in the finals u can still make something out of this.


Betting will start when the last round on 26th ends. You can bet on your favorite player by sending a PM or in game mail to login: pcerrornerd (click on the letter icon on top right corner whene you enter your TMUF game). You need to write how much you bet and on who do you bet. Betting will close before the final round starts (27th September at 18:00 UTC). Names of the finalists will be posted here.

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Re: FunPark RPG CUP (25.-27.09.2009)

Post by Lewy » 14 Sep 2009 20:21

Hi. I don't understand how we play in this competition. For example i come to server 25th at 18:00 and what next? We start at 18:00 and we have 1 hour for each map to make best time and at 19:00 is second map and at 20:00 third? or we play rounds for example to 100 points at each map?? And if i understand from 1 day 10 people go to final 2 day 10 people and at 27 this 20 peoples play at final??.

Sorry for my english and many questions. :) Thx for answer.

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