Relay Race Championship

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wheelbarrow operator
wheelbarrow operator
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Relay Race Championship

Post by r2d2 » 28 Oct 2009 16:46

We are preparing a RELAY RACE CHAMPIONSHIP and we are looking for maps

The champ will start from friday november 20th, it will be a 3vs3vs3vs3vs..

This is a "NO-TRAIN" and all players will discover the maps on the serv, the only goal to the champ is to have fun with friends each end of weeks (every fridays 21:00)

I will come back with more infos on the champ, i'm waiting for maps to open registration...

You can send maps here

Thx in advance

R2D2 des Bois
Forum des Bois
[url=tmtp://#join=RelayRace1]Relay race server (from 20:30)[/url]
[url=tmtp://desboiscompetition]Manialink DBC[/url]

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Re: Relay Race Championship

Post by tcq » 28 Oct 2009 21:11

Arf, please delete my uploaded map, i choose the wrong one :(

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