Formula World Championship 2010

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Formula World Championship 2010

Post by miguel201086 » 12 Jan 2010 18:30

Miguel Rodríguez ''Miguel201086"
Formula World Championship 2010 (FWC '10)
''The greatest Formula racing experience for TrackMania Nations Forever"

What is FWC?
- FWC is the acronym of Formula World Championship.
- FWC is an independent world competition organized by Miguel201086 for TrackMania Nations Forever.
- FWC tries to gain the essence of Formula 1 and Formula Indy.

Taking part in the championship FWC '10 requires two conditions:
1. Have a valid and running e-mail account. You will receive information about FWC'10.
2. Have a TMNF account. The championship will held in the free version of TrackMania.

FWC registration is opened prior and during championship development. For register you should send a e-mail to with the following info:
1. TMNF nickname.
2. Nationality.
3. Clan member (if any clan membership).

Car Requirement
For make it realistic and potencial championship, the car must fulfit the following requirements:
1. The car allowed for the FWC'10 should be the Stadium original model.
2. You can compite with the Stadium original model without edit (with country colours) or you can edit it at TrackMania Tuning Workshop like an Formula 1/Indy/Champ racing car.
Image Image
3. PROHIBITED compite with a personalized car which has been applied an external 'mod' or 'skin'.

To preserve the coexistence of the FWC'10 it will be the following rules:
1. Use English for chat (if is possible).
2. Avoid chat during races. If possible, do it during warm-up celebration before the race.
3. Don't use the FWC chat for discuss clan matters. Do it on their respective servers.
4. Respect other participants.
5. PROHIBITED chat about sex, religious, political...
6. Avoid ask excessive to the admin. He must prepare for the race and warm like other participants.
7. If pilots leave the race involuntary or by system problems won't can return to the race. Began the race the password will change.

Scoring System / Classification
- FWC is an open competition for all TMNF users.
- As open championship, registered users will can participate in the race that they want.
- The champion will be the user with the highest score at end of the championship.
- In case of tie between the 2 front runners, the champion will be who has archieved more victories.
- Only the top 16 drivers in each race.
1st 16 pts.
2nd 15 pts.
3rd 14 pts.
4th 13 pts.
5th 12 pts.
6th 11 pts.
7th 10 pts.
8th 9 pts.
9th 8 pts.
10th 7 pts.
11th 6 pts.
12th 5 pts.
13th 4 pts.
14th 3 pts.
15th 2 pts.
16th 1 pt.

- FWC races are hold on SATURDAYS.
- Possibly, some races are hold on SUNDAY due the administrator availability.
- Registered users will receive an e-mail with information of the race and the password the same race day.
- For avoid gap time, e-mails will sent FRIDAY prior to Saturday race day.
- If users can't participate this day, please, re-send the e-mail repoting their absence.
- Passwords ARE JUST for registered users. All users that surrender the password to third parties will be BANNED from the FWC'10.
- FWC'10 server will open at 17:30 ET (European server time). Use the 30-minute Warm-Uo for practice.
- If during Warm-Up celebration a user must absent, please communicate via chat server.
- If an absent user want rejoin again, please, do it during Warm-Up. Once started the race, the server password will be changed for avoid drivers on excessive lap down.

- Races will held at 18:00 ET.
- Started the race, the password will be changed. Users that leave involuntary by system problems can't enter the server. With this system, prevent drivers with lap down.
- If during the race, an user leave, may communicate briefly at chat and proceed.
- Length race equival an 100% real race. Will be 3 race types:
1. Lap battle (30,40,50,60 laps...)
2. Long distance (200,500,1000 kilometers...)
3. Endurance races (1,2,3,4 hours...)
- If any user insult other or create unrest at server will be banned from the race and SANCTIONED between 1 and 5 races, or be EXCLUDED from the championship.

- When the winner crosses the finish line, a time limit appears for the other races (runner-up to last driver) complete the race, make the possible laps or the greatest distance before the time limit consumes.
- Winner will be determined depending the race type:
1. Lap battle: who complete all laps.
2. Long distance: who complete the race lenght.
3. Endurance: who make the greatest # of laps in the set time.
- At end of the race, it will take several screenshots for determinate the race results.
- At Competition forum will post the results of the race.
- Participants and registered users will receive an e-mail with official results, scoreboard and general classification in PDF file. Recommend download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader.
- If a driver ignore his statistics, communicate via e-mail with the admin and immediately be sent an e-mail with the highlighted information in PDF file.

Schedule isn't elaborate yet. When the FWC'10 have registered a determinate # of drivers, the first race will be celebrate. Moment, have the next races scheduled for the FWC'10:

ING Australian Grand Prix >>> Albert Park (official first race).
Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix >>> Sepang International Circuit
Gran Premio de España Telefónica >>> Circuit de Catalunya
Grand Prix du Canada >>> Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

- For register send an e-mail to
- For FWC'10 information send an e-mail to or visit the Competitions forum from TM-FORUM.

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Re: Formula World Championship 2010

Post by woki » 18 Jan 2010 20:48

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