Nations Dirt Cup

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Nations Dirt Cup

Post by Keyser » 15 Apr 2010 20:12

The Nations Dirt Cup will soon begin.

Click here for join NDC website

I give you few informations about this competition and how join your nations.


What is it ?

The Nations Dirt Cup is the World Cup of Dirt in Trackmania.
Forget your teams, your rivalries and join a team composed of players from your country only. We'll see who is the best nation in Dirt...

Who is it ?

We will compare all the players of Dirt community in an unprecedented: Running for her flag.
All players are welcome if they are part of a national team.

When is it ?

The Nations Dirt Cup start in September to finish in November.

Where is it ?

All matchs and informations are manage in website.

How is it ?

All informations for progress, maps, planning, etc.. are available in the rules.


Join your national team :
To join your team, it must be created. Then go to the forum for your captain gives you the pass. Once received your pass, you can join your team on the NDC website : My Team

Creat your national team :
To creat your team, check if your team don't exist in forum or in website. You must post the presentation of your team in forum. Then go on the NDC website : My Team

Enjoy and good luck.

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